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Rain on Your Wedding Day

One of the last things a couple wants to think about on their big day is rain or bad weather.  Even in the height of summer, you can’t guarantee a dry day in Ireland, so it’s best to be prepared for it and assume it will happen, rather than just putting the Child of Prague statue outside the night before and hoping for the best. Here are some tips to help you prepare for rain on your wedding day.

Pretty wellingtons and umbrellas

You can now accessorise your bridal party with cute and colourful wet weather gear. Ivory and white umbrellas, adorned with frills, bows and polka dots to match your wonderful dress, or bright red brollies that will make for an incredible photo opportunity. Wellingtons in an array of colours could again make for a fabulous photo opportunity with you and your bridesmaids, while also letting you keep those special high heels safe for dancing later.

Rain on your wedding day wellingtons David McAuley
Image via Want That Wedding

Ask your photographer for advice

Your photographer will be very experienced, and will have shot weddings in all types of weather. Ask them for their advice, so that you can all be prepared for a rainy day. Ask the photographer to research some beautiful indoor or covered photo opportunities. Also ensure to check with your venue if they have any good photo opportunities within the venue itself or on the grounds. Older properties could have incredible bridal suites or an unusual bar which make for beautiful photographic backdrops. You may need to be prepared to be flexible on time; quite often a shower of rain may just last for 15 or 20 minutes so you might be better off to take a quick break from photos and wait for the sun to come back out. If you’re getting married during the winter or early spring when rain is more likely, schedule your ceremony a little earlier so that you are not rushing with your photographs just to get back to the reception on time.

Rain on your wedding day David McAuley
David McAuley Photography

Make-up & Hair

Ensure your make-up artist is using waterproof items, especially on your eyes. It’s one thing to have some mascara tears as you walk down the aisle, but another to have panda eyes in your photographs! There are some great make-up fixer sprays that you can get too. Ask your make-up artist for advice on touch-ups if the weather does dampen the skin when you’re outside. It may be an idea to hire your make-up artist to stay on to do touch-ups before your photos and meal so that you can feel confident all day. The same goes for hair – you don’t want your beautiful up-do to end up looking like a birds nest when you get back to your reception, so ensure your bridesmaids have an emergency kit that includes combs, hairspray and Kirby grips!

Rain on your wedding day David McAuley
David McAuley Photography

Finally, don’t let rain dampen your mood -it’s actually said to be good luck to have rain on your wedding day.